About me

I am an early career scientist based at the National Oceanography Centre & the University of Liverpool, UK. My research interests and experience lie in combining numerical models, observations and theory to study ocean processes and their role within the Earth system on different spatial scales, regional to global, and time scales, days to millennia.

I am interested in understanding the control of fundamental processes like ocean circulation, stratification and carbonate chemistry on the climate response to carbon emissions, as well as using this understanding to improve the projection of trends in physical and biogeochemical ocean properties crucial for the functioning of marine ecosystems especially in terms of regional scales and extreme events.


My diverse range of expertise includes the development and application of:

  • Conceptual and realistic numerical models for the shelf seas, the global ocean and the climate system.
  • Statistical methods for analysing and reconstructing observations of the Earth system and their assimilation into numerical models.
  • Conceptual frameworks to address processes/phenomena in the ocean and climate system.